It's my smoke break, and I'm stressed today. The Farmer's coming soon, and he's going to eat whatever animal's on the Chopping Block.

I need to make sure it isn't the sheep.

Sheep Moving.gif

Here there are no winners, only one loser. And that loser gets eaten for dinner. 

This is Barnyard Brawl.

How's it go down? Pick an animal.


Three of them start in the pen, and three of them start in your hand. Keep your hand secret.

Pieces on Board.gif

You spin the weathervane and go to the location it lands on.

You swap an animal in your hand with an animal at the location.

Spin and Switch.gif

You have to make sure your animal isn't on the Chopping Block.

If three of your animal are on the Chopping Block, you lose, and the Farmer eats you for dinner.

Chopping Block Slam.gif

Oh, and there's a Trick Trunk. 

If you land on that, you take a card, and you can play that card at the start of any future turn.

The smart thing to do is to team up against whoever is on the Chopping Block.

Pig with Axe.gif

I would set aside 15 to 20 minutes to play. Four players are needed. 

You need to fight to survive. This is Barnyard Brawl. Get ready to fight.

Title Sequence.gif

See the full video below.

Made with Mike Rodriguez [AD] and Michael Musatow [XD]