There's a lot to be angry about.


We created hate mail stationary, so you can send beautiful, angry letters.

Send something creative to your enemies, and maybe they’ll read it.

You may even end up less angry after.

The Gerrymandering Kit

The Access to Birth Control Kit

The Gun Control Kit

Enter your rant on our website, and we'll include it with your kit. Use it for inspiration.

An angry letter is a work of art. So we show the best work that people send us.

Duly Noted Phone.001.jpeg

We have party packs for groups. Pairs well with alcohol.

Duly Noted Brewery Boxes.001.jpeg

Drop us a line on the instagram if you want to see more.

Collaborators: Harding Coughter (XD), Will Luck (CW), Jack McNamara (CW)