Vinyl Stickers

I make vinyl stickers. Some are 2“ x 2” and some are 3” x 3”.

iPhone/iMessage Stickers

These are the Tree World Stickers.

This world is filled with creatures, large and small. Drag them onto messages, pictures, and each other. There are endless ways to be creative. The Tree World is in your hands.

There are 70 stickers right now. In the near future, they will blink and animate.

You can download the stickers here for $1.

These are the Nap Squad Stickers.

We get it. Sleep is good for you. That's why napping is a thing. But others don't get it...

They are made to motivate nap life and to increase our healthiness as a community. There are 40 stickers in total right now, but more will be added in the future. Made with Sam Dworkin.

You can download the stickers here for free.